World medical tourism industry

World Medical Tourism Market is Expected to Reach $143.8 Billion by 2022 according to new report.Cancer treatment would continue to be the highest revenue-generating segment throughout the forecast period. North America and Asia-Pacific are estimated to remain principal revenue-generating regions and collectively accounted for more than 60% of the global medical tourism market in 2015, in terms of revenue.
Neurological treatment will be the another growth area.Mexico tops list in the world.The Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to be the fastest growing medical tourism market during the analysis period.Thailand, Singapore, and India are the major shareholders in Asia-Pacific with a combined share of more than three fourth of the medical tourism market in the region.

Dubai Medical Tourism Project

Dubai hopes to attract half a million medical tourists by the year 2020 as part of the ‘Dubai, a Global Destination for Medical Tourism’ project launched by His Highness Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai.

The project will be implemented by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and is designed to revitalise medical tourism in the city and make Dubai a favoured destination for travellers hoping to see doctors. Shaikh Hamdan has directed the DHA to maintain a close relationship with all concerned and supportive parties involved in the project to achieve the desired objectives.

He noted that the project must be implemented in accordance with the approved timeline, and stressed that cooperation and concerted efforts of all parties will contribute to its success. He stressed that achieving the project’s goals is important given that medical tourism has become an important segment of international tourism.

The reality of Medical Tourism strategy

IF u see across the world,lot of hospitals are boasting themselves for medical tourism business.But in fact not all hospitals have the plans ready that can give good business.They are setting target of 5k to 10k medical tourist annually.How they are going to reach it they don’t know.There planning is haphazard and so the desired result is not achieved.The proper system or process is not implemented yet.One hospital in Mumbai claims of offering local sim card to the international patient but in reality they don’t give it.Do u expect that patient or his family or friend to ever come back to that hospital.Tall claims can’t help,the hospital should truly stands for quality and good patient experiences.
The Hospital should have tie up with good medical websites,portals, facilitators and hotels.Everything on the websites should be highly updated.If there is a change in the price list for surgeries it should be conveyed to the other players time to time.Mere advertisements can’t help the hospital.Service delivery is of utmost importance.

Medical Tourism in Cuba

At Havana’s Cira Garcia Clinic, reserved for foreigners, breast augmentation surgery costs $1,248 (940 euros), compared to around $6,000 in the United States, $4,350 in Britain and $2,500 in Mexico, according to figures from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
“In this clinic we handle all types of medical specialties,” said deputy director Maria Antonieta Gonzalez. And if an in-house expert is unavailable, one can be borrowed from another hospital, she said.
There are plenty to choose from: Cuba has the highest number of doctors per residents in the world — one per 148 inhabitants, according to the World Health Organization.
In other countries, “what makes procedures expensive are the doctors, but in Cuba, they are paid like everyone else,” Gonzalez said.
What adds to the cost however is the difficulty in obtaining medical supplies, which cannot be bought in the nearby United States due to a trade embargo in place for a half-century, Gonzalez said.
On any given day there are 2,000 patients at the Cira Garcia from around the world. Most come from Latin America, but there are also patients from places like Angola, Canada, Spain, and even Cuban-Americans from the US.
Other Havana hospitals, like the Hermanos Ameijeiras and the Gonzalez Coro, have opened “international rooms” to cash in on the influx of foreigners.
Hotels are getting into the business too, with places like El Viejo y el Mar (The Old Man and the Sea), Triton and Neptuno catering to medical tourists.
Aside from foreigners who pay in much-needed hard currency, thousands of Venezuelans travel to Cuba each year for free medical treatment, benefitting from an agreement that Chavez signed with Fidel Castro, then president, in 2000.
There are 43 health centers in Cuba that cater to Venezuelans, with the government in Caracas picking up the tab.

Key Players of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourist before planning for medical tourism should keep in mind that there are different key players in the industry

1)Medical Tourism Websites/blogs/portals.

2)Medical Tourism facilitators

3)Travel Companies

4)Hospital where you are planning to get treatment


6)Doctors and staffs

If you are having good information about the above your journey to get treatment abroad will be smooth.

World’s Best Hospital for Medical Tourist

The Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists are

1)Prince Court Medical Center, Malaysia
2)Asklepios Klinik Barmbek, Germany
3)Fortis Hospital Bangalore, India
4)Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey
5)Wooridul Spine Hospital, Korea
6)Shouldice Hospital, Canada
7)Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
8)Clemenceau Medical Center, Lebanon
9)Bumrungrad International, Thailand
10)Mediclinic Morningside, South Africa