Increase in Tourists for Kerala

An increase of 11.39 per cent has been recorded in domestic tourist arrivals to Kerala in 2017, as compared to the figures of previous year, according to figures compiled by Kerala Tourism. Meanwhile, foreign tourist arrivals increased by 5.15 per cent during the period.
“Travellers from across the globe arrived in Kerala in large numbers during 2017, and the growth has been recorded at 5.15 per cent compared with the figures of last year. This comes at a time when the tourism industry is suffering from adverse factors like enhanced GST rates and allied hurdles. The growth figures point to the immense popularity Kerala Tourism enjoys beyond the borders”, said Kadakampally Surendran, Minister for Tourism, Cooperation and Devaswoms.
With growth almost doubling than that of last year, domestic tourist arrivals have, in fact, achieved more than what has been targeted in the Kerala Tourism Policy. On the foreign tourist arrivals front, footfalls have increased from 10,38,419 to 10,91,870. The figures point to the fact that there has been an increase of 53,451 more foreign tourists this year, with figures nearing 11 lakh.


Tourism Ministry targetting to double the Tourism Business in three years

The Centre aims to double the number of foreign tourist arrivals (FTA) to 20 million in the next three years, Union Tourism Minister KJ Alphons on Sunday said at an investment meet here.

All stakeholders must work hard to achieve the target, the minister said.

“We have earned $27 billion in the last financial year but we are not happy with these figures.

“We want the figures to increase dramatically,” Alphons said here during a session on tourism and wellness on the concluding day of the Global Investors Summit-Advantage Assam.

Wellness Tourism Association

A new association will be a network of, and for, qualifying members of the wellness tourism industry. Its objectives will help to define the industry, as well as educate consumers to recognize legitimate and credible wellness suppliers and operators.

A group of seasoned wellness industry executives have joined forces to create the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA). Registered in the State of Colorado as a not-for-profit, privately-held organization, the WTA has been established and designed to serve this booming travel sector.

“Our mission is clear and concise,” says Co-Founder and Chairman Andrew Gibson, VP Wellbeing, Accor Hotels, “We plan to support and further the growth and development of the wellness tourism industry through networking, education, communication and marketing.”

Co-Founding member Tom Klein, President & COO of Canyon Ranch stated, “The WTA will fill a gap in this global industry by providing a credible and unified voice.” Klein added, “As with all associations, the goals and objectives will be determined by the members.”

According to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2017 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, the Wellness Tourism segment is a $563 billion industry — growing faster than the tourism industry itself. “It makes perfect sense to have our own association,” says Co-Founder and President, Anne Dimon, Founder/CEO of “Especially since there is some confusion with consumers and travel agents as to what constitutes legitimate ‘wellness travel.”

Nilendu Srivastava, Managing Director of The Art of Living Retreat Center, a year-round wellness retreat facility in Boone, North Carolina is another Founding Member.

The association’s first tourism office member – the Monaco Government Tourist Office – will be represented by Cindy Hoddeson, Monaco’s Director, North America. The wellness history of this city-state dates back to 1860 and the Etablissement des Bains, Monaco’s first baths where people traveled to benefit from the curative powers of the Mediterranean.

Madeleine Marentette, owner of Grail Springs — recent recipient of Canada’s Best Wellness Retreat 2017 — will also sit on the first Board of Directors – – as will Jim Forberg, Founding Partner and COO of Unicomm LLC, producers of the long-running Travel & Adventure Show and introducing a wellness element to their shows in 2018.

Wellness Tourism is not a new industry, as people have traveled both nationally and internationally with health or wellness the primary focus since the time of the Roman Baths. Today, the commitment to ‘health as your wealth’ transcends borders, cultures and ages, with many new companies flocking to the sector.


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Yoga classes at World Economic Forum

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s delegation to the World Economic Forum at Davos will offer yoga classes on the icy slopes, the foreign ministry said on Friday, the latest high-profile attempt to promote India’s traditions abroad.

India aims to showcase its potential as a driver of global economic growth, after China, as well as its soft power, reflected in the popularity of yoga as well as its cuisine.

Two yoga teachers from India will hold daily classes next week at the summit, which has attracted 70 heads of state and government, including US President Donald Trump as well as celebrities, chief executives and top bankers.

Modi will be the first Indian prime minister to attend the WEF in 21 years, since when the economy has more than doubled to $2.3 trillion and become the world’s seventh largest.

“We are showcasing various achievements, we will also give a taste of Indian cuisine, a taste of culture and heritage,” Ramesh Abhishek, heads of the department of industrial policy and promotion, told reporters.

“Two yoga experts are going from here. We have arranged that. We are offering a facility for doing yoga in the Alps.”

Modi will be in Davos only for a day but will meet the heads and top officials of about 60 companies

Top Hospitals in Mexico

Hospitals in Mexico have long been a safe and affordable health-care alternatives for scores of Americans who cannot afford medical care in the USA. Be it dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, weight loss procedures, general surgery or any other medical procedure, the Mexican is one of the most popular places in terms of catering to US medical tourists.

Leading Hospitals in Mexico
1. Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico
2. CIMA Hospital, Monterrey, Mexico
3. CIMA Hospital, Hermosillo, Mexico
4. Hospital Star Medica, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
5. Hospital Angeles, Ciudad Juarez
6. Hospital in Mexicali
7. Hospital in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
8. New Hope Fertility Clinic
9. Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Cancun
10. Doctors & Surgeons in Mexico
11. Medical Tourism in Mexico
12. Hospital in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
13. Hospital in Guadalajara Mexico
14. Dental Clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico
15. Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico
16. Hospital Nova in Tijuana, Mexico
17. Clinica Victoria – Cancun, Mexico

18. Hospital De La Mujer, Mexico
19. Hospital de los Arcangeles – Tijuana
20. Hospital Mi Doctor – Tijuana, Mexico
21. US-Mexico Border Hospital
22. Florence Hospital – Tijuana, Mexico
23. INT Hospital – Tijuana, Mexico
24. Sani Dental Clinic – Los Algodones, Mexico
25. Malta Hospital – Tijuana, Mexico
26. San Juan Clinic – Tijuana, Mexico
27. San Juan Clinic Overview
28. Avila’s Dental Group – Rosarito, Mexico
29. Avila’s Dental Group in Rosarito, Mexico
30. Modera Hospital Familiar – Tijuana
31. CER Hospital for Plastic Surgery in Tijuana
32. Guadalajara Hospital in Tijuana
33. Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana
34. Vision Mendez Institute – Tijuana, Mexico

With many private hospitals having secured international accreditations such as JCI and ISO, hospitals in Mexico have also taken several initiatives to attract international patients. Many of these private mexican hospitals have hired english speaking doctors & supporting medical staff.

Some Top Hospitals in Mexico

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo is one of the top-rated hospitals in the country, complete with a JCI accreditation in place. Equipped with highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art technology, the hospital is more than capable of catering to any medical needs.

Another renowned hospital, just 90 minutes by air from Texas, is Hospital CIMA Monterrey. JCI-accredited and managed by an American group, the International Hospital Corporation, the hospital has some excellent affiliations, including those with Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospital Boston and many others. This 70 bed hospital with 6 operating rooms is known for its excellent medical care and service.

Hospital Angeles in Tijuana is another excellent institution, providing state of the art technology, immense expertise via highly skilled specialists, and extremely attractive prices, all just 25 minutes from San Diego, California airport. This hospital is so popular with medical tourists, from the United States in particular that they make up nearly 50 % of the patients in the hospital.

Hospital Star Medica is another hospital of repute. Located in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, Hospital Star Medica is part of a private hospital group, which has a total of 8 immensely well-equipped hospitals under its wing. Just 20 minutes from El Paso, the hospital is renowned amongst medical tourists from the south west states of USA. With up to 20- 80 % savings, combined with excellent care, it is not surprising that Hospital Star Medica is so popular amongst medical tourists.

Hospital in Mexicali: Hospital in Mexicali is a network hospital of Medical Tourism Corporation in Mexico.

Hospital in Puerto Vallarta: Our network hospital Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

New Hope Fertility Clinic: Our partner IVF clinic in Puerto Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, Hospital Angeles in Ciudad Juarez, was specifically built to cater to medical tourists, from countries such as USA and Canada. With majority of the patients consisting of medical tourists from around the world, the hospital is already an established name in the industry. Located in an upscale area, the hospital is self-contained and built to cater to all patient needs.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, Hospital Angeles in Ciudad Juarez, was specifically built to cater to medical tourists, from countries such as USA and Canada. With majority of the patients consisting of medical tourists from around the world, the hospital is already an established name in the industry. Located in an upscale area, the hospital is self-contained and built to cater to all patient needs.