Why SEO is important for Medical Tourism

When consumers want health information the first place they turn is to a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN/Bing. In fact, seeking healthcare information is one of the most common online activities among Internet users of all ages Healthcare SEO is key to reaching these users.

Because so many people seek healthcare information on the Internet, there is a significant opportunity for organizations that employ search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reach their target audiences. It also means that organizations who cannot be found in search engines are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach the very people who need them most.

Whether you’re a specialty medical practitioner, a hospital, local clinic, nonprofit organization or a company serving the medical or pharmaceutical industries, if you’re in the business of healthcare it is imperative that your target audiences can find you online.

Digital Marketing to grow Medical Tourism Business

Digital Marketing can play a major role in growing your medical tourism business

Good social media presence increases your online presence.Many Medical Tourists go through your social media presence to know more about your company

SEO can help your website in getting good traffic to your website.

Good backlinks can give more traffic

If your Digital Marketing is good people are updated about your achievements too.

Good Google reviews can also enhance your online presence.

GOA as a Medical Tourism Destination

GOA every year gets lakhs of tourists

To promote GOA there should be special website for Medical Tourism only for GOA

All prominent Hospitals and Clinics should be listed in the website with the packages so that patients gets to know everything in advance and they can make the decision

Plus point already so many tourists are visiting goa only thing is they are not much aware about the healthcare facilities available there or they are overcharged

Medical Tourism Industry in Mexico to touch $6billion in 2017

In recent years medical tourism in Mexico has consolidated and gained worldwide prestige. To date, it is second in importance after the United States. Only last year the country received more than one million foreign patients who underwent medical treatment, including migrants returning for treatment. At the same time, this segment of travelers complements their trip with the great sun and beach assets of the country.

In the last decade, foreign exchange earnings from medical tourism increased by 96% from USD $544 million in 2006 to US $4.798 billion in 2016. EuroMonitor forecasts that for the coming year, medical tourism in Mexico will grow by 6% and will reach $6 billion dollars.

Malaysia gets boost for Medical Tourism

Putrajaya announced today a RM30 million injection into the Malaysian Healthcare Tourism Council to help boost the country’s budding healthcare tourism sector.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the government will promote the country as a hub for fertility treatment and cardiology, the medical branch that deals with the heart.

Najib made the announcement at the unveiling of Budget 2018 in the Dewan Rakyat here.

Incentives to boost medical tourists include visa application made easy online and other “high tech” treatment service packages.

Private hospitals will be incentivised to partake in the campaign through the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital programme.

Putrajaya will also extend its 100 per cent investment tax allowance until December 31, 2020, and raise tax exemptions for private healthcare to 100 per cent between the taxation year of 2018 and 2020.

How to find good Medical Tourism Facilitators

It is very important for patients to separate good medical tourism facilitators from the not so good.

1)Good website with all the required information

2)Good tie ups with Hospitals

3)Visa arrangement and airport pick and drop facilities available

4)Should be able to offer multiple options in terms of doctors and hospitals

5)Good reviews online

6)Good reputation

7)Good certifications etc

8)Well known name in the treatment country

9)Good in handling discharge process of the patient.

10)Good in follow up with the patient for post treatment care.

Molar city-Dental Tourism

Scattered across the arid, desolate landscape, a cluster of big bright RVs suddenly emerge on the horizon.

We’ve arrived at the Californian border with Mexico, the site of an unusual migration.

Much has been said in the past 18 months about Mexicans wanting to cross into the US. But in a vast car park, we meet streams of Americans trying to go the other way and into a town called Los Algodones.

It’s Independence Day, a public holiday, but these Americans have spent their break travelling across states, some taking two flights to get here.

They want what Washington can’t seem to give them – affordable dental care.

Dentist at work in Molar City, Mexico
Patients can save thousands of dollars
As we make the short walk to the other side of the borders, promoters wearing scrubs greet us with wide smiles and loud offers.

One shouts: “Welcome to Molar City,” before listing what discounts we can enjoy.

A military veteran dressed in fatigues approaches them and says with a look of relief and exhaustion: “I really need my teeth fixed.”

He’s quickly led off – today he could save thousands of dollars.

There are lots of elderly people, but families too. The whole street is lined with dentists, waiting rooms are full.

This is a city that was built on caring for teeth. It’s flourished because its wealthy neighbour puts a high price on the cost of a healthy smile.

It is a potent and humiliating illustration of America’s divides.