Top 10 Hospitals in Bangkok

1. Bumrungrad International Hospital

One of the largest hospitals and outpatient facilities in Southeast Asia, Bumrungrad International Hospital is also one of the best. Their diagnostic, therapeutic, and intensive care facilities are all state-of-the-art. They are one of the most popular hospital destinations in the world for medical tourism, and their staff and doctors represent a vast number of ethnicities and backgrounds, which can be a comfort if you are a foreigner. Visit website

2. Bangkok Hospital
Bangkok Hospital is part of a network of hospitals located across Thailand. Like Bumrungrad, they specialise in medical tourism, though they do treat a lower percentage of international patients than some other hospitals. Bangkok Hospital is considered to be the leader in cutting-edge technology and equipment in the city. Visit website

3. Siriraj Hospital
Siriraj Hospital is the oldest, as well as the largest, hospital in the city. With the capacity to hold up to two-thousand patients at once, the facility treats more than one-million people annually. Siriraj Hospital is often the hospital that patients across the country are referred to for advanced and specialist treatments. It’s also the official hospital for Thailand’s king, Bhumibol Adulyadej. Visit website

4. Yanhee General Hospital
The focus of this Joint Commission International, USA accredited hospital is general medicine. But recently, it has become increasingly known for its renowned work in cosmetic surgery. If you are an English-speaker, you’re in luck; every department in this hospital has an English-speaking member of staff. Visit website

5. Samitivej Hospital
With several satellite locations in Thailand, Samitivej Hospital is the main branch for the Samitivej Aukhumvit network. High-tech equipment and specialties that include performing advanced, complex surgeries make this one of the leading hospitals in the country of Thailand. Visit website

6. Bangkok Christian Hospital
While more modest and with fewer amenities than the more advanced, larger hospitals in the city, Bangkok Christian Hospital is known for its lower fees. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking treatment for more minor, routine injuries or illnesses. Visit website

7. Phyathai 2 Hospital
Part of another chain of Thai hospitals, Phyathai 2 Hospital offers a wide range of services in this moderately sized facility. The hospital is also a leader in sustainable operations, and claims to be one of the greenest hospitals in the city. Visit website

8. Praram 9 Hospital
Praram 9 Hospital began as a collaboration between a group of physicians with several different specialisations. Now, a number of their departments have gained distinguished reputations, including their cardiovascular and dental implant departments. Visit website

9. Central General Hospital
Though smaller than many of the other facilities in Bangkok, Central General Hospital offers similarly high levels of care and high-tech equipment. They also put an emphasis on the mental condition of their patients, striving to help heal the emotional wounds, together with physical wounds. Visit website

10. Ramkhamhaeng Hospital

Another moderately sized leader in medical care in Bangkok, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital is part of the Ram Group of Hospitals located across Thailand. They have a number of specialities, including knee and hip replacements, plastic surgery, vitro-fertilization and embryo transfer, and more.

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