Top Medical Tourism Destinations


Modern Indian doctors preserve the traditions of their ancestors and now they are able to provide qualified treatment of even the most severe health problems. The biggest perk of Indian treatment is that you will not have to wait for months to get diagnosis. Once diagnosis is determined, Indian doctors start treatment procedures as soon as possible. It is universally known that the earlier a patient gets treatment, the bigger are his chances for full recovery. Moreover, costs of treatment in India are not very high even considering airfare tickets and transportation. If you think about rejuvenation and treatment involving acupuncture, meditation, yoga and enhancement of wellbeing India is a perfect choice. India is a complex country. It has its downs, but it is known to work miracles.


In recent decades Singapore experienced striking boost in its economy and now this country is one of the most developed centers of the world. It has many modern clinics, that boast of innovative, high-fi techniques. In 2014 Singapore won the first prize in countries with best health care system. Even though USA and Japan have the same facilities and high quality of surgeries, Singapore has much lower prices, which puts this country second in our list.

South Korea.

Just like Singapore, South Korea also improved its economy during last years. It is especially known for its cosmetic surgery. Hospitals in South Korea can also deal with the most severe injuries that people get in accidents.
Mexico. Although most patients in Mexican hospitals are of Hispanic origin, this country gives medical care to people from all over the world. Mexican hospitals have remarkably advantageous insurance system and they also have professionals who graduated from best universities in the world, such as Princeton and Stanford. Mexican hospitals are most famous for weight-loss surgeries. Obesity, which is the cause of many life-threatening diseases, can be cured in record time in this country. Mexican clinics also have the best dental services.

United States.

America is mostly famous for its cutting-the-edge technology, which allows doctors use such modern techniques as cyberknife to perform the most difficult surgeries. Well, America has the best professionals because of its head hunting skills. Because of the big salaries, this country boasts of the most prominent surgeons in their field. America is probably the best in neurosurgery and cardiac surgery. It also has the most efficient clinics in treating cancer, that`s why people who underwent cancer treatment in United States have higher recovery rates. Even though it is very expensive, it’s worth it in the longer run, especially if a person has rare, not very-well researched disease

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