Goa struggling to become Medical Tourism Destination

The ex-president of Goa Travel and Tourism Association, Francisco Braganca, on Saturday said foreign tourist arrivals have become stagnant in the State over the last few years.

Speaking at the annual forum Difficult Dialogues’ ‘Medical Tourism in Goa’ session, at the International Centre Goa, Mr. Braganca said the State is now relying on domestic tourists.

Only 25% foreign tourists

He said that of over 4 million tourists, only 0.5 million are foreigners. “We hardly get 25.30% of western tourists. Tourists from Nepal and Bangaldesh will not add value to tourism.” He said it was upto the medical tourism sector to attract international tourists.

‘Doctors reluctant to shift’

Victor Albuquerque of Victor Group of Hospitality and Hospitals said Goa will never be a medical tourism destination as doctors from the country are reluctant to settle in the State.

He said, “Goa, according to my experience, is not a place for medical tourism. Medicine today has become a business, and reputed doctors have become commercial minded… they are not interested to settle down and work in hospitals here.”


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