Tourism to Guatemala grew this year

Tourism to Guatemala for medical, health and wellbeing services brought in over US$66 million last year, and the sector is growing quickly.

This year income from these specialized health services is expected to register 12.4 percent higher than last year’s sales, said the Guatemalan Export Associaction (Agexport) to Central America’s Summa business magazine.

Experts estimate that tourists seeking medical care can spend up to US$15,000 per trip on dental, ophthalmological, dermatology, and other specialty services.

Guillermo Contreras, president of Agexport’s health and welfare commission said Guatemala has been developing new medical centers and strengthening hospital services to provide services to Americans and Canadians, the main foreigners seeking medical care abroad, and that prices for many medical procedures and treatments are 90 percent less expensive than in other countries, reported Summa this week.

In 2017, Contreras said his commission would actively participate in international trade fairs on health and wellbeing tourism in the United States, Italy and Mexico, and “will continue to support our associates to provide them with the best marketing tools and commercial platforms to develop in the international market.”

This year the commission sought out international accreditations by Acreditas Global and Grupo Dent to implement quality standards for service, and participated in the Medical Travel and Global Healthcare Business Summit in Los Angeles, USA and the 7th Medical Tourism Congress in Tijuana, Mexico.

Contreras is working with partner health care providers to recruit patients through joint corporate marketing plans with insurance and self-insurance companies and representatives in the United States, reported Summa.


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