Philippines wants to grow in Medical Touism


QUEZON City is aiming for the top of the country’s medical tourism industry.

As an initial step, Mayor Herbert Bautista tasked the city’s Tourism department to host a meeting with different medical tourism stakeholders, including representatives from private and public hospitals, doctors’ associations, travel agencies, hotels and wellness centers, to prepare for the 1st Quezon City International Medical Tourism Summit slated in March next year.

“When we combine the best facilities and the best human resource, then Quezon City is very ripe to take on the challenge of becoming the medical tourism hub of the Philippines,” Bautista said.

Medical tourism has been one of the mayor’s programs to bolster tourism and revenue generation as it is a fast-growing multibillion-dollar industry around the world, Tourism department chief Divina Pascua said.

“Quezon City is now ready and excited to take a bite of that market,” Bautista said.

City administrator Aldrin Cuña led the unveiling of the official logo and slogan for the Medical Tourism Summit dubbed “For a Healthier and Better You!”

Director Cynthia Lazo of the Department of Tourism believes Quezon City can become one of the country’s medical tourism destinations since it “has everything, including all allied and related services.”

Former Tourism secretary Mina Gabor also took part in the recent meeting.

The worldwide medical tourism industry has exploded in value from $10.5 billion in 2012 to more than $45 billion at present, industry reports say.


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