Medical Tourism – Your road to good health


Medical travel, a newly discovered beneficial activity has been booming massively not only in India but internationally as well. It has become common knowledge today that treatment is available beyond the geographic limitations at a cheaper price without having to compromise with the medical treatment. Medical travel is not just about the cost cutting incurred for treatment of different medical issues but beyond that.

Medical Travel at a glance

Over the past five years, the Indian medical travel scenario has witnessed a major upheaval in terms of the number of tourists visiting the place. Medical travel in places like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and NCR region are seen to be the highest within the country. People travelling from other nations to India, primarily intend for elective specialised surgeries such as knee replacement surgery, renal transplant surgery, spinal fusion, hysterectomy, cancer surgery, coronary angioplasty and others.

Why opt for medical tourism?

People have started opting for medical travel not just for the sake of it but for the great amount of leverage attained as a result of it. The world has been transformed into a compact place, thanks to digitization which has led people to exercise the choices available in multiple numbers.

Many surgeries cost comparatively less in other places making people opt for the more feasible option. In the USA, knee replacement surgery costs $30,000 whereas the same surgery in India costs 40-60% less, with world class treatment meeting international standards.
Health insurance is another reason that has promoted medical tourism immensely since many insurance plans cover the full cost of procedure in certain hospitals and locations.
Communication between states or nations has improved drastically thus paving way for easy transfer of the sick people.
When the standard of technological advancements and care is much better at certain designated places, then people definitely prefer to opt for those places.
There are medical centres all over the world with many having accreditation from international organizations owing to their dedication and efforts to medical excellence. These are the medical centres people want to put their trust and faith in, when it comes to saving the lives of people they love.


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