Srilanka’s first hospital to get international accreditation

Lanka Hospitals recently became Sri Lanka’s first healthcare provider to achieve international medical tourism accreditation from the US-based Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA); another addition to its host of international and local quality awards.

MTQUA President Julie Munro presented the official certificate to Lanka Hospitals and made a presentation welcoming Lanka Hospitals to the MTQUA family, on December 5, 2016 at the Lanka Hospitals auditorium.

Munro was accompanied by Janet Geddes, representative on areas of governance (ESG). Munro and Geddes were visiting Sri Lanka by invitation of the Export Development Board (EDB) of Sri Lanka.

In 2014, the Industry and Commerce Ministry named 2015 – 2020 as the period of National Masterplan Initiative on medical tourism. The initiative which was set by Sri Lanka Export Development Board with an ultimatum to achieve US$ 20 billion through professional service exports by 2020 highlights medical tourism as a main subsector.

Aligning progressively in to the National Masterplan Initiative of the government of Sri Lanka, Lanka Hospitals PLC continues in its service delivery towards patients from all over the world.

Lanka Hospitals underwent a month-long evaluation that included in-depth interviews and a formal review of its operations, processes and procedures against international standards of quality in 10 non-clinical areas that directly influence a medical traveller’s wellbeing and outcomes.

Hospitals, clinics and agencies in more than 20 countries are certified by MTQUA. Fortis Hospital India, Gleneagles Hospital Singapore and Bumrungrad Hospital Thailand are some of the best known international hospitals to have achieved the MTQUA certification.

“We have been most impressed with Lanka Hospitals’ medical and support teams during the certification process,” MTQUA President Julie Munro said in awarding medical tourism certification for the hospital. “It is ready to take leadership in helping move forward Sri Lanka’s medical tourism sector.” she added.

“Sri Lanka being a tourist destination has now embarked on a journey in attracting tourism to earn foreign revenue.

Lanka Hospitals is fulfilling all international standards because we want to place the hospital and country among the top medical tourism providers.” Lanka Hospitals Chairman Dr. Sarath Paranavitane said.


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