Which countries are popular for cosmetic surgery abroad?

Cosmetic surgery is a popular medical tourism procedure for British people mainly because you cannot get this surgery on the NHS except in very rare circumstances. This means patients are forced to opt for private surgery and so look overseas for the lowest prices.

Cosmetic surgery around the world

As a result of its popularity, cosmetic surgery is available to medical tourists in many countries across the globe, with a number of places positioning themselves as the world centre for the treatments. Prague, Seoul and Rio de Janeiro all claim to be leading cosmetic surgery destinations, and each has a valid claim, though in realty, each is only the leading centre for their region. It is mainly Europeans who head to Belgium, Poland, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Japanese and Chinese head to South Korea and Americans head south to Latin America and Brazil.
Popular cosmetic surgery destinations for British medical tourists

Many European destinations offer cosmetic surgery to UK medical tourists, and you can choose between city centre clinics in leading European capitals, such as Prague in the Czech Republic or Warsaw in Poland, or sunshine resorts such as Marbella in Spain, which has become something of a cosmetic surgery hotspot.

Prices tend to be lower in Central and Eastern Europe, but clinics in Spain and Portugal still do excellent business thanks to their beachside locations and their reliably warm weather. Prices in Turkey are somewhere in between the two, but still offer low prices. New clinics are coming into the market all the time in emerging nations such as Lithuania and the Ukraine as they shake off the legacy of Soviet rule, and these often have some of the best prices available.

Flight times and prices
Country Destination Flight time from London Flight cost
Poland Warsaw 2 hours 20 minutes £20
Spain Marbella 2 hours 45 minutes £40
Czech Republic Prague 1 hour 45 minutes £27
Slovakia Bratislava 2 hours 15 minutes £31
Turkey Antalya 3 hours 20 minutes £40
Most European destinations are quick, easy and cheap to get to, especially if you are flexible on flight times and choose budget airlines such as EasyJet and Whizz. This means that you will not have to add much in the way of extra costs to your treatment, so you will still pocket significant savings. Here are some typical flight times and prices.

Cosmetic surgery prices in popular destinations

Typicial prices for cosmetic surgery abroad
Destination Facelift Rhinoplasty (nose job) Breast enhancement Tummy tuck Liposuction (abdominal)
Poland £210 £1200 £2390 £2100 £1140
Spain £340 £1700 £2125 £1870 £1700
Czech Republic £220 £2000 £2290 £2200 £1400
Slovakia £176 £1840 £2320 £2120 £1215
Turkey £275 £2500 £2450 £2960 £1750
UK £700 £3500 £4500 £4800 £3000
How much you save will depend on where you go, and you need to consider the other benefits of your destination before making your final choice. You can compare prices for cosmetic surgery abroad, online. Here are some typical cosmetic surgery abroad prices.

These are just a small sample of the kind of savings you can make by travelling overseas for your dental treatment. As you can see, prices across Europe are around 50% lower than here in the UK, and you can save even more by taking the time to shop around to find the very lowest prices.



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