Chinese Medical Tourists,good source of income for Thailand


The figures speak volumes about the magnitude of medical tourism from China and the number of billionaires who are prepared to spend top dollar for overseas medical visits.

Some 483,000 people travelled from China for medical tourism last year.

They spent US$6.3 billion on treatment and a further $3.4 billion on travel and accommodation, making outbound Chinese medical tourism a $9.7-billion business.

The numbers have been growing rapidly over the past few years, with the volume of travellers estimated to be increasing 31% annually since 2012.

This double-digit growth is set to continue, with outbound Chinese medical tourists expected to surpass 800,000 in 2020.

China last year ranked No.1 in the world’s billionaire tally with 568, compared with 535 in the US, with 90 more added this year.

The combined net worth of the Chinese billionaires is copy.4 trillion, similar to the GDP of Australia.

Diana Chou, founder and chairman of L’Voyage, a private jet chartering company based in Hong Kong, cited these figures to highlight the Chinese as the world’s top market for medical tourism and holidays,…

Thailand can do much to capture the tremendous opportunity from this wealthy Chinese market segment, said the Hong Kong-based executive with extensive experience in China’s business aviation market.

Thailand has several underused luxury aviation opportunities


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