Kerala all set to grow Wellness Tourism

Governor P. Sathasivam has stressed the need to integrate Health and Wellness Tourism as part of the recently launched Nava Kerala Mission-mode programme.

Inaugurating a conclave on Health and Wellness Tourism organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) here on Tuesday, the Governor said the entry of medical and wellness tourism would be smooth in the State, which had made significant progress in health care in terms of high life expectancy, minimal infant mortality and state-of- the-art infrastructure.
“Kerala has the potential of a destination that can offer, besides leisure and wellness, the best medical facilities also, and we can easily upgrade the concept of wellness to “medical wellness” and can attract tourists. The State needs a well thought-out strategy to emerge as a Medical Wellness destination. The Governor said this strategy should not be limited to marketing efforts alone, but should give priority to upgrading of medical infrastructure.

Mr. Sathasivam said the involvement of the government in these projects was of paramount importance. The Governor also called to enhance air connectivity within Kerala to further exploit the tourism potential and medical tourism.

Social industry status

Chairman, Health and Wellness Tourism, E.M. Najeeb demanded social industry status for hospitals and stressed the need to create an action plan for the right ecosystem for Medical and Wellness Tourism.

In his presidential address, chairman of KIMS group, M.I. Sahadulla said the State should examine why it was lagging behind with only 4.5 per cent of the Health Tourism market share of the country despite the advanced medical care.



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