South Korea Medical Tourism Industry

All Roads Lead to Seoul

The latest number one destination for medical tourism is Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In the past, trends were set in New York and Paris. However recently, Korean popular culture such as K-Pop and K-drama is setting another trend. Around Gangnam area in Seoul, there are as many hospitals as there are coffee shops. The Gangnam area appears in singer Psy’s most watched video on Youtube, “Gangnam Style”. Most of these hospitals offer plastic surgery. Seoul provides a much safer and cleaner environment compared to other big cities in other countries. Many medical tourists from the US, Russia, Japan, China and other countries come to Korea to enjoy “Hospital Shopping” in Seoul.

Korea is the Best Place for Medical Tourism
Why do people visit Korea instead of going to Singapore, Thailand or India, other well known places for Medical Tourism? The reason is because Korea offers the best doctors, state-of-the-art technology and high-tech equipment. Korean global companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai have been leading the economic and industrial development of Korea. Now Korea’s medical industry has become equivalent to other advanced countries and is even leading on some fields due to the growth of the IT, electronic and machinery industry. The Korean government has assigned its medical industry as the country’s new growth engine industry and supports foreigners to enjoy Korean culture while receiving a safe and convenient medical treatment.


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