Joint Commission International wants more Hospitals in India under accreditation

Joint Commission International (JCI), the recognized leader in international health care accreditation, and a nonprofit enterprise, encourages health care organizations in India to pursue accreditation as a means to improve the safety and quality of health care provided to India’s residents and boost medical tourism.

Out of more than 20,000 hospitals in India, only 19 are accredited by JCI. This is a very small percentage of hospitals accredited when compared with other countries in the Asia Pacific region, including both developed and developing nations. JCI’s programs and accreditation process offer the knowledge and tools to help government and private sector health care organizations improve patient safety and quality, as well as meet international standards.

JCI’s accreditation program was developed by international experts and sets uniform, achievable expectations for structures, processes and outcomes for health care organizations. The requirements for accreditation include international patient safety goals that highlight problematic areas in health care and describe evidence, and expert-based consensus solutions to these problems. The survey process is designed to accommodate specific legal, religious and cultural factors within a country. JCI offers accreditation for general hospitals and academic medical centers, ambulatory care facilities, clinical laboratories, home care agencies, long term care organizations, medical transport organizations and primary care services.

JCI’s Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC), which differs from accreditation, demonstrates excellence in fostering better outcomes through the integration and coordination of care for the treatment of a specific disease (such as diabetes mellitus type 2), condition (such as acute myocardial infarction), or clinical care service (such as joint replacement). CCPC is based on a clear assessment of consensus-based standards and criteria, the effective use of clinical guidelines, and an organized approach to performance measurement and improvement.

“It is no longer enough for an Indian hospital to be just better than its immediate neighbor. It is high time that majority of Indian hospitals seriously consider pursuing international accreditation as part of their quality improvement initiatives. JCI is poised to play an active role in assisting the organizations that want to pursue the gold standard,” says Prabhu Vinayagam, MBBS, Asia-Pacific Managing Director, JCI.


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