Medical Visa to Thailand


Purpose of Travel: to receive medical treatment in Thailand. For treatment that is
not more than 60 days, the applicant can apply for Tourist Visa “MT” – Medical
Treatment (MT); for treatment that is not more than 90 days, the applicant can
apply for Non – Immigrant Visa “O” – Other.
Visa Fee:
Visa Category Visa Validity Visa Fee
(Pakistani Rupees)
MT 3 months 4,000
Non – O 3 months 8,000
Required Documents:
 Personal covering letter, mentioning: name, passport number, purpose of
visit, date of travel, and other important information.
 Medical condition and treatment record from a local hospital.
 Invitation letter from a hospital in Thailand, mentioning: name and passport
number of the applicant, the purpose of visit, contact information, and other
important information.
 Two copies of applicant’s CNIC card.
 Two copies of applicant’s passport, only for the page with information of
passport holder.
 Copy of applicant’s passport, for the page with visa.
 Confirmed and non-refundable air ticket.
 Documents relating to accommodation.
 Applicant’s original bank statement covering at least 1 year, and a certified
covering letter from the bank.
 Documents showing the trust worthy of the applicant.
 Other relevant supporting documents


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