Hyderabad moving ahead in Medical Tourism

Three million patients from abroad sought medical treatment in India in 2015-16. What is called the ‘medical tourism industry’ is expected to grow to 10 million patients by 2019.

In Hyderabad, the Apollo Group of Hospitals treated the most overseas patients — 1.5 lakh. Ten other major hospitals in the city catered to another 20,000 patients.

A majority of the foreign patients are from Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the United Arab Emirates. The number of patients from the UAE has seen a drop in the past three years, from 1.5 lakh in 2013 to 70,000 in 2015 and 95,000 in 2016.

The association has asked all hospitals to pay attention to these patients and address the issues of harassment that they face. Dr P.N. Rao from a corporate hospital said, “Patients from the UAE have relatives or friends here and they compare rates of various hospitals. Sometimes after the surgery, they find that they have been charged more or feel they would have got better treatment elsewhere.”

Patients from Africa and CIS contact the hospital and follow all the modalities and instructions given to them. Dr Garg says many patients come for dental treatment, liver, heart and orthopaedic procedures.


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