Yoga Tourism in India

Yoga and meditation, a part of wellness tourism will be top of the state’s agenda to attract international tour operators and tourists.

Similarly, convincing international travel agencies of a safe stay and journey for their clients will be a top priority of the three-day global tourism trade fair of Maharashtra from September 28.

Around 40% international tour buyers who have decided to participate are from Europe, followed by 32% from Asia, 14% from North America and 7% from Africa. This is indicative that a larger chunk of foreign tourists aspiring to visit India are from Europe.

To be held at the Bombay exhibition centre, Goregaon, the Maharashtra International Travel Mart will see the tourism industry in the state marketing destinations to 75 international and 150 domestic tour buyers.

Maharashtra’s tour operators are expected to keep some unexplored destinations on sale.

“Wellness tourism will be top of our agenda as facilities for mental and physical healing at certain destinations will be marketed besides unexplored destinations,” state tourism secretary Valsa Nair Singh said while announcing the event. The state has five Unesco world heritage sites, over 900 caves and 350 forts, wildlife and beaches.


“The foremost step we are taking to attract international tourists is to wipe out misconceptions in the minds of global tour operators about law and order. The state has the best law and order practices and we will assure them of total safety and enjoyment,” said Paraag Jaiin Nainuttia, MTDC MD.


“We are writing to the home ministry seeking police help to ensure better safety for tourists, primarily international ones,” Jaiin told TOI.


Big international tourism firms from over 30 countries have confirmed participation.


Amitabh Bachchan, the state’s ambassador for tiger conservation, and chief minister Devendra Fadnavis will attend the event. Fadnavis will hold special stakeholder consultations at the event.


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