How Japan can use Olympic 2020 as an Opportunity for Medical Tourism

Hosting Olympic is a very prestigious thing for any country.It can be a very good opportunity for a country to showcase its infrastructure/Healthcare Facilities.2020 Olympics will be held in Japan.Japan is gearing for Medical Tourism Business.

Wat Japan can do to get ready for it?

1)Building Hospitals of JCI standards

2)Promoting wellness services.More Spans and improving the current Spas facilities

3)Tieing up with Medical Tourism Facilitators to promote their Medical Tourism services

4)Arranging Medical Tourism conferences every year

5)Launch of Medical Tourism Portal

6)Tieing up with Embassies of Major Countries for Medical Tourism

7)Tieing up with Major Airlines Service Providers

8)Training of staff to handle Medical Tourists

9)Hiring of Medical Tourism tranlators who can communicate effectively with Medical Tourists








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