Selfie craze triggers surge in cosmetic procedures

Kimberly Kucharek, 26, says Instagram has had a huge impact on why she continues to get cosmetic procedures like lip injections.

“You’re comparing yourself to other girls … so you’re almost always striving for perfection,” she said.

“Let’s say you post a selfie and you see another girl post a selfie and you see that she has bigger lips or nicer cheekbones or whatever, and it’s easy to attain, that is when you compare yourself,” she said.

Kucharek is a laser technician in Vancouver and first got lip injections when she was 21.

She says the constant comparison of selfies has made her feel more insecure.

“Because it’s almost rubbed in my face that all these other girls look so perfect in pictures on Instagram … especially since younger girls are coming in, you’re almost doing it to keep up, to look and feel younger,” she said.

Kucharek says younger girls are getting lip injections because celebrities like 19-year-old Kylie Jenner — who got lip injections as a teenager — have normalized the procedure.

Kylie Jenner, 19, admitted that she has had her lips plumped using Juvederm lip fillers. (Noel Vasquez/Getty Image and Mike Windle/Getty Image)

Plastic surgeons turn into celebrities

Experts say transformation photos on Instagram are also making these procedures seem less frightening.

“Doctors will put up videos sometimes of them performing actual injectables so you don’t see the clients flinch, you don’t see them cry, so it looks very painless and comfortable. That almost makes it easier to have the procedures done,” Kucharek said.

Some surgeons have grown an empire of social media followersand reach millions of users by posting videos of their work and their celebrity clients.


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