The Booming Medical Tourism

The industry of Medical Tourism  offers huge growth to the healthcare industry.The number one market for Medical Tourism is USA.Every year lakhs of Americans travels to other parts of the world for treatments such as cardiac,orthopedic and dental.Many travel to Mexico for Dental treatments.Kerala in India every year gets lots of tourist for ayurvedic services.Hungary is very famous for dental treatments.The number one position is occupied by Thailand in every aspect.The reason why it is at top because of its hospitality services.Its a famous country amongst the tourists since many years.Singapore and India is catching up in Asia.With the booming Medical Tourism also there is an increase in JCI Hospitals.Every year dozens of hospitals in these countries apply for JCI accredition.In India other than JCI there is also demand for NABH.There are hundreds of hospitals applying for that every year.Dubai has set the target of 500000/- medical tourist by 2020.Dubai Health Authority is engaged in various Marketing activities to promote itself as Medical Tourism Destination.Dubai gets lots of Medical Tourist from USA and UK.Patients from OMAN are the regulars to India and Thailand.India.Thailand,Singapore and Dubai covers more than 50 percent Medical Tourism Market.It is only further going to increase.


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