Oman partnerships with India to boost Medical Tourism

Oman is determined to strengthen its medical tourism sector, and is welcoming the established Indian hospitals to become strategic partners with their counterparts in Oman. Recently, a team from India, representing 12 leading hospitals in India went to Muscat to participate in the Oman Health and Exhibition Conference, held at Oman International Exhibition Centre.

Speaking at the conference, J S Mukul, Indian Ambassador to Oman, said, “The Indian community and the hospital establishments from India can go a long way to help Oman emerge as a leading medical hub.”

Darwish al Muhaibi, Under-Secretary for Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Oman said, “The phenomenon growth achievement by Oman in the field of health has helped Oman to reach among the top three or four when it comes to primary healthcare system the focus has now shifted to providing advanced and specialised medical facilities.”

Al Muhaibi further urged the Indian community to invest in International Medical City, currently developing in Salalah.

Dr Yash Gulati, Director, BLK Hospital, added, “Omani government have been forthcoming when it comes to welcoming Indian investors to Oman.”


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