Weight Loss Surgery for Medical Tourists

  • If you have tried everything within your power to lose weight and it’s just not happening or if you lose weight and after a short period of time you gain it all back again, maybe it is time to think over the possibility of a weight loss surgery.
  • In most cases overweight brings with it a lot of health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, heart diseases, breathing problems and other unpleasant disorders. Obese people accumulate more and more fat which increase the conversion of sugar to fat.
  • You need a couple of conditions before you can apply for a weight loss surgery; forty five kilos above your ideal body weight and BMI (body mass) over 30. Surgery always has its risks but if there is no other option than make the best out of it.
  • Prior to bariatric surgery you must be evaluated by a phycologist who will determine if you are fit for undergoing surgery. This operation has implications on your self-esteem and you have to be mentally stable in order to undergo this sort of operation. Some people who had bariatric surgery still suffer from life stressors and commit suicide after the operation.
  • Weight loss surgeries are performed at medical institutions all over the world by leading surgeons. Make sure that the surgeon you choose has the credentials and the experience to conduct an operation of this sort. If you choose a well-known medical center, the doctors are likely to have those credentials. Medical tourists prefer to undergo weight loss surgery abroad due to attractive costs and the high standards of the medical institutions offered to them.

Common types of weight loss surgeries are:

Gastric banding; is done by laparoscopic method. A band will be positioned around the upper stomach which will create a narrow passage to the rest of the stomach. You won’t be able to contain much food.

Gastric bypass; surgical staples are stapled in the stomach in order to create a small pouch. There a limit to what you can eat and absorb.

BPD/DS is when you are left with a small pouch in the stomach after a large part of it is removed.  This method is less popular than the above two.

Consult with your doctor about the risks of weight loss surgery. Some risks include:

  • Hernia
  • Blood clots
  • Leaks
  • Infections

People who had weight loss surgery are often concerned about gaining back all the weight that they’ve loss. It is imperative that you change your lifestyle and start exercising and eating healthy food and monitoring the portions but in overall, the operation has an excellent long-term record for keeping your body much thinner because you simply won’t be able to absorb so much food as before. You will feel sick if you over do it and won’t be able to digest so much food as in the past.

Bariatric surgery can be done between the ages 16-65 after an evaluation of your doctor that you are cable of undergoing surgery.

Weight loss surgery conducted on teens is risky as it is in adults but the importance of the surgery to their self-esteem is a factor taken into consideration when deciding if to have the operation or not. Bariatric surgery will eventually get them into the habit of consuming less food, they will probably experience fewer sleeping problems and have more social interactions.

Many hospitals have a unique plan for obese kids and teens. The programs are individual for each patient and combines a special diet with an exercising plan. Hospitals report on successful results with children and teens.

Weight loss surgery can lead to deficiencies in minerals and vitamins and also protein deficiency. It is recommended to see a nutritionist after surgery who can give you several supplements and guidelines to regain all that your body needs


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