Private Hospitals Vs Public Hospitals

  • Medical tourists around the world have the opportunity to choose between public to private medical institutions; be it a clinic or a hospital for complex surgery or a simple cosmetic surgery in Mexico.
  • Whenever people aren’t feeling well or need to be diagnosed by a doctor for some disease in their body they have uncertainties whether to go to a private imaging institute maybe a genetic or a laboratory institute or should they go to a public one.
  • Although public hospitals are bigger than private hospitals and are more prominent and the services provided in a private and a public hospital are more or less the same, there are some  difference between the two which sets them apart.
  • A private hospital or clinic is owned and governed by a person or a group of people who are managing the whole finances on their own. The whole funding process and the administration, nurses, all the doctors’ fees and all the equipment, everything is under control of that group of people.
  • Private hospitals have to provide outstanding service due to the competition of other medical institutes. Research has shown that most of the people go for private hospitals and they prefer them over any other option.
  • The reasons vary; in private hospitals all the equipment is modern and innovative which means that they are reliable, of good quality and even better. People tend to think that private hospitals are much more costly but in fact it is not true in most cases.
  • The kind of individual care and attention given to the patient in a private hospital is undeniable.
  • In private hospitals, many Heads of Departments who work in public hospitals choose to work also at the private hospitals which means that the patient gets to choose the physician or surgeon that will operate on him / her.
  • In private medical institutions there are no waiting lines for operations and other medical procedures, all is arranged within a couple of days as opposed to the long waiting lines in public hospitals. For some operations such as spinal deformations or hip replacements, one can wait for nearly a year in order to be operated.
  • Public hospitals are completely run by the governments or by the Health Ministry’s funding and money. Everything in a public hospital from the equipment, medication, fees of the doctors, the general staff to the equipment is being taken care of by the local government body.
  • A public hospital is considered to be a preferable option for all the locals who can’t afford the heavy fees of a private hospital this means a huge amount of patients waiting to be treated.
  • Hospitalization standards at a private hospital is like a five star hotel with private wards and personal care. In public hospitals, patients are hospitalized in a room with another two to four patients and do not have the privacy they deserve to have.
  • In public hospitals, there may be emergency cases that require the operating room and the surgeon which causes that your planned medical procedure might be delayed to a later hour when the doctors are likely to be tired after a full day’s work.
  • There is so much going on in public hospitals, hundreds of patients, visitors, doctors, nurses administrative staff, errors are more bound to happen than in a top-notch private hospital where the individual patient in in the staff’s interest.
  • In private hospitals there is a less chance of getting secondary infections after surgery than public hospitals due to cutting-edge equipment and excellent intensive care units.
  • Basically the major difference between a public and a private hospital is that of the equipment, finances and aids provided by the government to the public hospital whereas in the private sector, it is done by a group of owners of the hospital.
  • Since no one wants to risk their lives and get into more trouble caused by even the slightest of negligence on the part of the medical treatment, private hospitals prevail to be popular

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