Areas of Improvements in Indian Medical Tourism

India is a Medical Tourism Destination and known world over for different type of treatments.India is  amongst the top countries for Cardiology and Orthopedic treatments.However there are some treatments where India needs to promote itself.

These treatments are Neurology,Oncology,Weight Loss Surgery,Dental Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery.The question is why these are not popular amongst the Medical Tourist as far as India is Concerned? The answer is positioning of the treatments as far Brand India for Medical Tourism is concerned.India have always promoted Cardiology and Orthopaedic treatment more than others resulting in other neglected areas.The  Indian Medical Tourism can be many folds than the current size if the proper branding is done.Also only four to five cities are popular amongst the Medical Tourism.There are good centres available in other parts of India too.Airport connectivity is not a problem but awareness is.The Hospitals and Medical Tourism companies try to bring patients in their near by places.Let the patients explore much and decide accordingly.If Indian Medical Market needs to grow it needs to rethink on the strategy adopted since last few years.There are two three countries in Asia itself who have marketed themselves better than India and their market size is much bigger.



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