Panama City to target Medical Tourists

A different type of tourism is making its way to Bay County, as Destination Panama City kicked off the launch of medical tourism Thursday with a health-care symposium at FSU PC.


“This is really important for medical tourism because for example, the people who are in this room today are getting continuing education credits  for their specific career fields. So if we can attract these conferences on a little bit of a larger scale basis it can really help our tourism,” said Destination Panama City CEO Jennifer Vigil.


At Thursday’s conference, professionals from across the country came to Panama City to speak about what they do in their respective fields. 


Destination Panama City CEO Jennifer Vigil said these types of events are monumental in attracting medical tourists to the city, which could significantly boost the economy.


With multiple hospitals within city limits to attract doctors and patients, Vigil said this type of tourism could be huge for Panama City, adding that medical tourists spend more money than the average tourist. 


“So the demographic of people that actually attend conferences, they’re the kind of people that come here for continuing education credits but they actually want to go out to dinner, they want to go out to enjoy and shop while they’re here. Even though it’s work, they want to be able to enjoy themselves away from home for a little bit so it’s definitely a good demographic for our market,” said Vigil.


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