Medical Tourism Destination-8 reasons to choose India.


India is an attractive candidate for medical tourism, in part because of its ability to leverage various technological innovations.


Here are eight insights.


1. India charges less than many other countries for medical services.


2. The country is especially known for its neurological care, cardiac care, cosmetic surgery and joint replacement surgery.


3. India is expanding many of its hospitals, so most patients will not experience long wait times.


4. The private sector funds about 75 percent of healthcare services and investments in India.


5. The country also boasts a large pharmaceutical industry, allowing it to export drugs to more than 180 countries at a much cheaper price.


6. The cloud allows physicians from all over the world to access electronic medical records. Additionally, social networking provides a platform for patients to communicate with physicians and consultants in different countries.


7. Data mining allow organizations to compile data form various sources, like case studies and medical journals, to establish a large data bank of diagnosis information.


8. Information technology allows providers to match an independent patient’s symptoms with those symptoms already observed in a data bank.


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