Medical Tourism experts to Meet in Berlin


The Diplomatic Council (DC), a global Think Tank in consultative status with the United Nations, announced the world leading international conference on medical tourism organised and held by its esteemed partner Temos International under the motto “Healthcare Abroad and Medical Tourism“ from November 13 to 15 in Berlin.

The well-known Temos conference offers the ideal setting for the ceremonial presentation of the ”DC Preferred Partner Hospital/Clinic“ Certificate. More than 65 medical facilities spread throughout the world covering multiple continents and countries such as the USA (Raleigh), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and The Philippines (Manila) have successfully met the neutral and independent quality standard and are proud owners of this sought-after certificate.

The ”DC Preferred Partner Hospital/Clinic/Medical Travel Coordinator“ Certificate is known as the worldwide most superior DC quality certificate granted to medical facilities with a special focus on medical tourism and international patients.

For the purpose of ensuring that the high quality standard is fulfilled, the respective hospitals and clinics are carefully reviewed and thoroughly assessed by experienced and skilled Temos assessors. Numerous and various quality criteria need to be met before a hospital or clinic is approved for international patients. The DC quality certificate is exclusively awarded to medical facilities that are already in possession of a Temos quality seal. Temos seals are granted to hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, dental clinics, eye clinics, reproduction clinics or medical travel coordinators.

The conference is chaired by its president Prof. Dr. Rupert Gerzer, former Head of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine of the German Aerospace Center, current Vice-President of the Skoltech University in Moscow and Chairman of the Diplomatic Council together with Dr. Claudia Mika, CEO Temos International and Vice-Chairwoman of the Diplomatic Council Global Healthcare Forum.



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