Medical Tourism Conference in New Delhi

advantageWorried by the shrinking trade surplus in services exports, Indian industry bodies see a huge opportunity for Indian service exports especially in technology, leisure travel and medical tourism.

C K Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India while inaugurating the second edition of the Advantage Health Care India (AHCI) 2016, Monday recommended that we need to focus on quality, investment to build systems for better patient care and continue to remain globally competitive in the area of medical value travel.

AHCI is an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India in association with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and Service Export Promotion Council (SEPC).

Addressing the gathering of over 500 delegates from around the globe, Mishra said that it is indeed an opportune moment in the Indian healthcare sector story to be talking about medical value travel as this is in many ways is a validation of the fact that India has moved ahead.

He said, that Indian healthcare had been constantly improving and globally acknowledged, however given the scenario, it is both a time for celebration and introspection.

Celebration as the sector has done well and is continuously striving to do well, introspection because there is still a lot to do, as there is a huge opportunity still to be tapped.

He further shares that India is one country which offers to everyone a holistic health approach, and apart from excellent infrastructure, competent doctors and nursing system in its hospital care, it also offers wellness through Indian traditional medicine or AYUSH as more popularly known, which is an added strength that perhaps only India has globally.

He emphasised that, India not only transplants hearts but has a big heart as well, reflected by its warmth, compassion, rich culture and tradition, that it embraces on its visitors and addition to it our ability to communicate completes the picture of success.

On the occasion, the Secretary along with other dignitaries released the ”Medical Value Travel in India: Enhancing Value in MVT’ which evaluates the progress of the sector in recent years in India as well as some of the other key medical value travel destinations.

The report further assesses the scope of the sector as an important driver of the economy for India and suggests the way forward.

Harshavardhan Neotia, President, FICCI in his welcome address shared, “recognizing the potential of medical value travel in India that is expected to reach 27 percent by 2020 from the current 15 percent growth rate, FICCI created a separate medical value travel committee, which is a convergence of government and private sector on one platform to streamline issues and create ease of doing business in the sector.”

He further shared the recommendations that FICCI has submitted to the relevant Ministries, once implemented will help in giving the right impetus to the growth of medical value travel sector in India.


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