Industry body FICCI addresses Medical Tourism gathering in India


A top Health Ministry official today underlined the need to focus on building a system for better care of patients and to remain globally competitive in the area of ‘medical value travel’.

Union Health secretary C K Mishra said it is an “opportune” moment presently in the Indian healthcare sector to talk about ‘medical value travel’.

“We need to focus on quality, investment to build system for better patient care and continue to remain globally competitive in the area of medical value travel,” a FICCI statement quoting Mishra said.

He said this after inaugurating the second edition of the ‘Advantage Health Care India (AHCI) 2016’ which is an initiative of the Commerce Ministry in association with FICCI and Service Export Promotion Council (SEPC).

Mishra said Indian healthcare had been constantly improving and globally acknowledged, however, it is both a time for celebration and introspection.

“Celebration as the sector has done well and is continuously striving to do well, introspection because there is still a lot to do,” he said.

He said India is one country which offers everyone a holistic health approach and apart from excellent infrastructure, competent doctors and nursing system in its hospital care, it also offers wellness through Indian traditional medicine or AYUSH.

On the occasion, the secretary released the ‘Empanelment Criteria for Medical Facilitators’ prepared by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) under the guidance of the Commerce Ministry.

He also released FICCI’s IMS Health Knowledge Paper titled ‘Medical Value Travel in India: Enhancing Value in MVT’ which evaluates the progress of the sector in recent years in India as well as some of the other key medical value travel destinations.

The report further assesses the scope of the sector as an important driver of the economy for India and suggests the way forward.


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