Dubai Hospitals Listing for Medical Tourists


New medical tourists coming to Dubai can expect talent, transparency, trust, affordability and accountability with a quick grievance redressal system under the revised provision of the regulatory health laws that have been announced, Dr Laila Al Marzouqi, director of Medical Tourism and Health Regulation, said on Tuesday.

She was speaking on the sidelines of the Dubai Health Regulation Conference being held in conjunction with the seventh World Health Tourism Conference being hosted in the city from Tuesday through Wednesday.

In 2015, 630,000 medical tourists availed health care services in Dubai and of these, 47 per cent of patients came from outside the UAE, she said. The Dubai Health Regulation Authority (DHRA) expects that with new rules and regulations and medical redressal systems in place, there will be an increase of at least 12 per cent in foreign medical tourists, eventually taking the numbers up to 500,000 medical tourists by 2021.

Linda Abdullah, head of Dubai Medical Tourism Department, told Gulf News: “We are in the process of tying the tourism infrastructure with the health care industry more clearly so that the medical tourists get a complete Dubai experience.Patient safety is paramount and he can read his bill of rights as he is entitled to the same rights as UAE residents whilst seeking health-care intervention. Besides the health insurance that covers the cost of surgery or treatment, the medical tourist coming to Dubai can also avail of an additional medical liability insurance at the additional cost of Dh150 which will cover him for 90 days after the surgery and give him free access to the doctor, cover the cost of a revision surgery, free stay and free travel in case he has a complaint. This too will be available to the patient on the website.


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