Eye Surgery technique to boost Medical Tourism in India


Dr Bharti Kashyap said that Lensx Femtosecond Laser (LFL) technique used at KMEH for eye surgery could become a driving force to encourage medical tourism in the State.

During a live surgery workshop inaugurated by Health Minister Ramchandra Chandravanshi and organised at Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital (KMEH) on Sunday, she said the cost of this painless surgery technique was almost nothing in comparison to what it used to cost in developed countries.

“This is the best available technique in the world for treatment of cataract and a couple of other eye diseases demanding surgery. The good part is that we are charging very low fees for operations done through this technique, which makes it extremely affordable for patients in general. The cost which we offer becomes boon for those coming from outside the country, especially from USA or European countries seeking such kind of services,” said Dr Kashyap.

She, along with Dr BP Kashyap demonstrated at least three surgeries done through Lenx Femtosecond Laser and Bladeless LASIK surgery of patients suffering from cataract. BP Kashyap said after the demonstration that use of almost no ultrasound energy ensured no cornea swelling from very day of operations, which remained something rare in other techniques.

Other than Kashyap couple, Dr Ranjan Rai (Patna), Dr Ashutosh (Dhanbad), Dr Subodh Singh (Ranchi), Dr Ruchi Goell and Dr Neha Goel (Delhi) were present in the workshop as faculties. Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) students performed surgery through LFL on artificial eyes.

Chandravanshi said the Govern-ment was planning a medical tourism portal under Health Department. He said that the portal would invite foreign patients to get treated by expert panel formed by the Government.

“Its pleasant surprise to see that Dr Kashyap, who has also been vocal since long time to get Medical Protection Act in place, performed three operations through LFL in not more than 30 seconds each. Such facilities would certainly help attract medical tourism in the State,” added Chandravanshi.

Elaborating the benefits of this type of surgery, Bharti Kashyap said, “In comparison to other Femtosecond Laser platforms, the Lenx Femtosecond Laser puts almost no pressure on eyes, which makes it safe for retina and optical nerve. A low pressure on eye also ensures no pain during surgery. However, the best part of this surgery is that it takes just 15 seconds to complete the surgery.”


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