Indian Hospitals expanding in Fiji



Sahyadri Specialty Pacific Hospitals Ltd (SSPHL) Fiji said it was holding discussions with doctors in Australia and New Zealand on referring patients to Fiji for open heart surgeries and other specialised medical procedures.

It has also held talks with government officials in Cook Islands and Tuvalu to send patients to Fiji for super specialty treatment.

The company, which is registered in Fiji and fully owned by New Zealand citizens, started operations in the country in 2012.

SSPHL Fiji director Professor Manu Munibhargav said some Pacific Island countries and doctors had shown interest in working with the company in the best interest of their patients.

Mr Munibhargav said it was normal psychology for people to explore affordable treatment of the best quality.

“In neighbouring countries, we are working with doctors there and discussing with government officials at different levels and explaining to them how Fiji has developed expertise in performing open heart surgeries under the joint venture agreement between SSPHL and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services,” he said.

“They have shown keen interest in utilising the services here as Fiji is near to their country, culturally adjustable and its economically viable and affordable for them to have patients treated here.

“They were also explained about the other areas of specialisation like advanced orthopaedic, joint replacements and other procedures.”


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