Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism


There are many reasons why patients choose to travel for cosmetic surgery. At first consideration, the notion of a plastic surgery vacation sounds risky, expensive or unnecessary. Others wonder how it can qualify as a “vacation” if you’re spending most of the trip recovering? These are all valid points to ponder, but if there weren’t benefits to plastic surgery travel than there wouldn’t be thousands of Americans who go on cosmetic vacations every year! So why do many patients choose this avenue for plastic surgery services? The main benefits of cosmetic vacations include:

  • The privacy and reassurance that comes with undergoing a physical transformation away from familiar faces and prying eyes
  • The combining of plastic surgery leave with a vacation trip for individuals with limited time off work
  • Exclusive plastic surgery packages offered to traveling patients
  • The opportunity for patients in rural areas to receive state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures, and be treated by expert plastic surgeons otherwise unavailable to them
  • Taking advantage of reduced local plastic surgery costs

Cosmetic surgery vacations are much more convenient and easy to arrange today than they ever were in the past. Additionally, many plastic surgeons have streamlined a system for helping their out-of-state patients complete the surgery process in a no nonsense, hassle-free way. For one thing, most plastic surgeons’ offices will arrange for convenient transportation from the airport to the clinic, and/or from the surgical facility to the patient’s post-op lodging accommodations. Many plastic surgeons will also provide discounted rates on actual surgical fees, reduced hotel and lodging costs, bonus gifts like spa treatments and retail discounts, and maybe more! Plastic surgery packages won’t be the same in all destinations or with all plastic surgeons, so it’s wise to compare these variables and shop around to find the cosmetic vacation deal that’s right for you


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