Medical Tourism Statistics

  • A 2013 MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that Latin America and Asia are the two leading regions for medical travel.
  • A 2013 MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that Mexico and India respectively have the highest demand for medical tourism.
  • Data from the Council for International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine (PROMED) shows that in 2012, Costa Rica attracted nearly 50,000 medical tourists (mostly from the U.S. and Canada) and each one spent an average of $7,000. Close to half of these medical travelers were said to be dental, followed by orthopedics, weight loss surgeries, gynecology and plastic surgery. Medical tourism generated some $338 million in revenue for the country that year, PROMED reported.
  • Tourism Research Australia from the Australian Government reported that more than 10,000 medical tourism patients flew into the continent in 2013 pumping more than $26 million into the national economy.
  • According to the Indian High Commission, Indian hospitals received 18,000 Nigerians on medical visas in 2012, 47% of the Nigerians were in India to receive medical treatment and spent approximately $260 million USD.
  • In 2012 the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand and the Kasikorn Research Center found that 2,530,000 international patients traveled to Thailand for treatment, the top five nationalities were; Japan, U.S., UK, GCC and Australia. Revenues generated from medical tourism were approximately 4 Billion USD.
  • Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism said that almost 12 million international visitors arrived in Mexico in 2013, 6.5 million of the visitors were from the U.S.
  • According to the Medellin Healthcare Cluster, twenty-four percent of the international patients that visit the Medellin Health City in Medellin, Columbia are from the U.S.
  • The Korea Health Industry Development Institute reported in 2012 that 159,464 patients from 188 countries visited Korea in 2012, 32,503 of those patients were Chinese.
  • In the 2010 Statistics on International Patients in Korea Report showed that 81,789 foreign patients traveled to Korea, 32.4 percent came from the U.S. (4,829 were U.S. Army patients), 19.4 percent Chinese,16.8 percent Japanese and  7.7 percent Russian.
  • According to Rohini Sridhar, Chief Operating Officer of Apollo Hospitals, the number of international patients visiting the hospital has been witnessing an increase of 20 per cent every year. “We provide medical care for around 400 to 500 people from European countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the Middle East in a year,” she says.
  • A 2012 report from the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare found that more than 60,000 patients traveled to Taiwan for healthcare the previous year, with 50 percent of patients coming from mainland China. The report also noted that the most popular procedure was a full health exam.
  • According to Alpen Capital Investment Banking, the United Arab Emirates’ medical tourism sector is growing strongly and reached $1.69 billion in 2013. Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is one of the largest healthcare tourist destinations in the region. According to DHCC, they handled approximately 500,000 patients in 2011, 20% of which were medical tourists.

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