Medical Tourism strategy by Top Hospitals

New-age doctors from corporate hospitals have been winging out of Hyderabad in dozens for consultations abroad and returning to city with ready-to-treat patients.

The result is a multi-fold increase in arrival of international patients, especially from over 25 countries in Africa, West Asia and SAARC countries, for treatment including surgeries. An estimated 800-1,000 foreign patients are being treated or operated in the erstwhile Nizam city every month.

So much so, Apollo Hospitals has set up a dedicated international block in its Jubilee Hills campus only to treat overseas patients, thanks to the referrals made by its 37-40 member expert team from Hyderabad each month when they attend clinics in these host countries.

“The year-on-year growth of foreign patients at Apollo Hospitals is about 11% to 12%,” said Radhey Mohan, vice president, International Business Development, Apollo Hospitals.

He said that from their entire group of hospitals, including at Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, about 75-80 doctors visit about 75-80 countries each month. The scene is similar at Continental Hospital, a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited facility that boasts of 1 international patient out of every eight patients that it treats in Hyderabad in a day.

“Our growth in international patients too is in double digits. At least 10 of our doctors fly abroad every month to attend health camps in specialities like orthopaedics, cardiology, oncology in countries as far as Somalia and the selected patients follow the doctors to Hyderabad for procedures,” said Gokul Prem Kumar, head, international business, Continental Hospitals.


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