How medical tourism adds to countries economy.

Tourism plays a very important role in economy of any country.India,USA,Thailand are some of the countries where tourist comes every year for leisure activities.However some months are very slack for tourism industry as a whole due to different external factors.Government of that particular country do lots of campaign to increase the tourism business but it does not help much.In such situation Medical Tourism plays a vital role.As Healthcare is very important need of every individual,its unseasonal and a tourist might travel anytime for it.He or she wont wait for any particular season or discount seasons unless and until it is cosmetic surgeries.The government of the country should focus more on medical tourism in such slack seasons as it will try to revive the tourism industry.The relations of the country with the prospective countries should be strong so that medical tourist can take benefits through offers which airline companies are offering.Currently Indian government is involved in lots of such initiatives like tieing up with Airline companies etc.Every country that want to develop itself medical tourism destination should develop different innovative ways so as to grow tourism sector more and more.


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