Malaysian Medical Tourism

Malaysian medical tourism gain importance after Asian Financial crisis, and now it is emerging as the top medical tourism destination. It offers quality medical facility and excellent reception to its patients. It is one of the top five medical tourism destinations of the world.

The process started in 1997, when the health sector of Thailand faced problems during the global financial crisis. As a result, the traditional Thai baht distorted and most of the hospitals had boost up their capability. This gave rise to quality and affordable treatment procedure. This was a move to market Thailand as a medical tourism destination in order to reduce the supply flood and bring foreign currency. Now, it is promoting itself as one of the best destination for medical tourism.

The medical tourism industry of Malaysia is going through tremendous phase of growth. Malaysia has developed deliberate marketing strategies to attract more and more foreigners. More than 770,134 patients visit here to avail better medical facilities and this figure doubled since 2010.

Thailand is leading in medical tourism sector, but its political problems are affecting its healthcare policies. This is restricting foreigners to go there for medical care. Kasem, CIMB Securities Thailand Equity Research Head said that Malaysia should take the advantage of Thailand’s political confusion. He further added, “These include a shortage of medical staff, a lack of foreign language skills, weaker research and development, and incomplete medical malpractice regulations.”

As per experts, in this situation local authorities and medical organizations should pay attention to the location of their medical facilities. People often choose the facility that is near a mall and hotel so that this will save their time and make their vacation hassle-free.


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