The reality of Medical Tourism strategy

IF u see across the world,lot of hospitals are boasting themselves for medical tourism business.But in fact not all hospitals have the plans ready that can give good business.They are setting target of 5k to 10k medical tourist annually.How they are going to reach it they don’t know.There planning is haphazard and so the desired result is not achieved.The proper system or process is not implemented yet.One hospital in Mumbai claims of offering local sim card to the international patient but in reality they don’t give it.Do u expect that patient or his family or friend to ever come back to that hospital.Tall claims can’t help,the hospital should truly stands for quality and good patient experiences.
The Hospital should have tie up with good medical websites,portals, facilitators and hotels.Everything on the websites should be highly updated.If there is a change in the price list for surgeries it should be conveyed to the other players time to time.Mere advertisements can’t help the hospital.Service delivery is of utmost importance.


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