Dental Tourism in Hungary

Thousands of people undergo cosmetic dentistry in Hungary every month: it’s cheap, it’s fast, Hungarian dentists are world-class, their equipment is modern, and you’ll be in the heart of Old Europe during your treatment.

Each year, more than a million “dental tourists” cross Hungary’s borders to get their teeth done, most of them from neighbouring Austria. Many more come from across Europe, especially the United Kingdom, and from as far as the US or Canada.

Dental tourism in Hungary is so popular among foreigners that some European agencies even specialize in full packages including travel, hotels and dental treatment, all handled by a single agency.

Hungary already had a strong reputation as a dental center, and this was reinforced after the fall of the Berlin Wall with the upgrading and modernizing of the country’s dental facilities. Clinics that cater to foreigners are undeniably modern, using such equipment and procedures as computer-controlled dental chairs or plasma or laser tooth whitening. For a dental implant, Hungary will have prices up to half those of Western Europe.

With Hungary’s accession to the European Union in 2004, Hungarian dentists are now also subjected to European legislation, especially for health norms and consumer legislation, so this makes cosmetic dentistry in Hungary as reliable and safe as anywhere else on the continent.


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