Medical Tourism as an Industry

Over 50 countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry.More and more hospitals are being built keeping JCI in mind.Medical tourist before landing up in any country do proper research about hospital standards.Thailand is the number one country with 18 JCI accreditated hospitals followed by Singapore and India
There is direct support of government in many countries.Big JCI Hospitals have started setting up International Marketing Department to cater to the needs of the people.Right from the query received by them,airport pick up to the staying arrangement.Its not hospital alone that matters when it comes to medical tourism.Supporting infrastructure such as hotels,airport,foods,culture etc plays very important role.So even if your country boast of lot of JCI hospitals unless and until the supporting infrastructure is not good,the business will be affected.My personal experience with one JCI hospital in India is not good.The service they offered to the medical tourist was not good at all.Not a single thing was delivered on time.The patient went back being frustrated.You have to talk to the patient who already visited this hospital from your country so as to avoid such hospitals.I will keep updating here about the Medical Tourist experience throughout the globe.


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