New Medical Tourism Markets for Indian Medical Tourism

With the fall of Singapore Medical Tourism  Industry due to rising healthcare cost new opportunity is growing for India

Many Indonesians and chinese used to travel to these countries for treatments but the scenario is changing now as these patients are flocking towards Malaysia and India

There is a rise in chinese patients coming to India for treatment.Some promotional activities needs to be carried to attract Indonesian Patients.

There is a direct flight between Mumbai to Bali so connectivity is not an issue

According to report 500000 chinese Medical tourists travel every year abroad.Proactivity by India can help to tap this market and thus reaching a target of 1 million patient every year.





Malaysian government set Medical Tourism Budget of RM30Milion

Malaysian government has set a budget of RM30Milion for the Medical Tourism Department for year 2018

Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council who is promoting the Medical Tourism of Malaysia is going to use the fund to tap the potential and promote to other countries

Indonesian’s forms the major chunk of the Medical Tourists visiting the Malaysia

Malaysia is the third best Medical Tourism Destination in Asia after Thailand and India

This budget will definitely help the council to showcase the facilities and services available in the country

Maharashtra government to come up with Medical Tourism portal

Maharashtra is soon planning to come up with Medical Tourism Portal.All the best hospitals in the state will be listed in the portal

Recently lots of efforts have been taken by government to promote the medical tourism in the state

Mumbai couldn’t showcase its potential as Medical Tourism Destination as compared to Chennai and Delhi

Also government is planning to support lots of activities to promote the state as preferred Medical Tourism Destination

Top 5 Destinations for Medical Tourism


India boasts of large number of Medical Tourists every year

Top Corporate Hospitals

Good Number of good Medical Tourism facilitators to take care of the patients

Top Resorts and spas for leisure activities

Visa on arrival services


Top Hospitals with best Medical Tourism Departments

Bumrungrad Hospital alone receives one million patient every year

Major Hospitals have tie ups with best resorts and spas

After the treatment  patient can avail  the services in resorts and spas

Price is also one tenth of US

Visa on arrival services


Dentistry,orthopedic and Cosmetic are the biggest revenue generator for Malaysia’s Medical Tourism Sector

Malaysia boasts of good number of JCI hospitals

The government of Malaysia is very supportive for growth of Medical Tourism sector

Its a most favored destination for Indonesian patients as thousands of Indonedians travel every year for treatment


Its a Dental Tourism capital of the world and its located in most central part of Europe and easily accessible by many European countries

Many patients from US and UK comes to Hungary for better treatment related to Dental Care

The Dental Tourism Associations in Budapest is promoting the Dental Tourism a lot and wants to promote it to other countries as well


As it shares border with USA its receives lots of patient from them

It has recently introduced no visa requirement facility for Medical Tourists

Also lots of patients from Europe travel every year to Mexico

Some of the cities have been developed exclusively for Dental Tourists for eg-Molar City










Medical Tourists from new countries to India increasing

Top countries from where number of people coming to India for medical purposes increased from 2011 to 2014 are South Africa, South Korea, Philippines, Poland, Pakistan and Turkey.

As the medical tourism in India is growing, different kind of promotions are done by the central government to improve it through workshops, events, meets and seminars.

In India, major cities like Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad have been attracting many foreign tourists for medical purposes.

Chennai has been termed as the health capital of India because of multi- and super-specialty hospitals across the city.

No visa needed for Medical Tourists in Mexico

The Chamber of Deputies approved adding a third paragraph to section III of Article 52 of the Migration Law, to establish that the foreigner as a regional visitor will not need a visa when their entry into Mexico has the purpose of receiving tourism services from Health.

The document endorsed with 372 votes and sent to the Senate for its constitutional effects states that the period of stay may be extended as long as there is a medical certificate issued in terms of what is provided by the Regulation and other applicable legal provisions.

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The chairman of the Committee on Migration Affairs, Gonzalo Guízar Valladares (Social Meeting Party), said that Mexican medical services are booming today, because “the great potential of professional doctors, specialists and general practitioners generates more than six billion dollars as of 2010, that is, it is a foreign exchange income”.

Previously, the situation was the other way around, since Mexicans had to travel abroad, mainly to the United States, to receive quality professional medical services.

With the reform, he stressed, the foreigner who comes to receive medical service is considered health tourism or medical in an international concept.

“We have to take advantage of this situation and opportunity to make it easier for foreigners that when they come to receive medical attention, with the presentation of a medical certificate in their recovery of the service they received, they can be here not only these days, but also the days that are necessary for recovery,” he added.

Guízar Valladares pointed out that the core of the opinion on medical tourism “is to tell those who receive the service, which generate millions and millions of dollars in foreign currency. The reform means economic benefits, lodging, food, especially at the borders. ”

The promoter of the reform, Maria Luisa Sanchez Meza of the PAN party, stressed that today for medical or aesthetic reasons, health is an important generator of economic activity worldwide. It is an industry evaluated in up to 100 trillion dollars and with an expectation of growth of up to 25 percent annually.

In Mexico, the economy that generates health tourism can be strengthened with adequate public policies.

Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, Sonora, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo and Yucatan are the states with the highest number of patients from all over the world who entrust their lives to Mexican specialists.