Medical Tourism Training and Certifications

Medical Tourism in India is growing at a faster rate. India is amongst the top Medical Tourism Destinations in the World.

Take part in the growth by attending one of our workshops and get certified in a basic course.

We are conducting six workshops in a year in all major cities of India

Topics for Medical Tourism

  • Latest Terms, Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges – Medical Tourism and Wellness
  • Developing Strategic International Brand in Medical Tourism and Wellness
  • Understanding Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism Destination
  • Strategic guidance on acquiring investment and startup funding
  • Developing international patient departments and support services
  • Learning about legal, ethical & cultural issues involved in Medical Tourism
  • Developing Medical Tourism Facilitation Business and Role of Support Services
  • Customer Services and Delivering delightful Medical Tourism Experience
  • Digital Media Marketing in Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism

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Dental Tourism in India

India is amongst the topmost dental tourism destination in the world

Dental Treatments in India can save you up to 70 percent of the treatments cost

Find below the Price Comparision

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Every year lakhs of people come to India for Dental Treatments

Following are the most famous cities for the same





Make sure you research about the Dentists before you plan a trip to India

Send inquiry to at least 3-4 dentists and compare the prices for the same.


Dental Trips-How to find Dentists for Dental Trips

More than 500000 Americans traveled abroad for Dental Care in 2013.

It is Important to consider below factors before finalizing the Dentists

1)Look at the Cost 

Patients needs to look in to the Saving Factor.How much money is saved after opting the service in foreign country.If the saving is substantial and no hidden costs are involved then the patient can plan the trip

2)Profile of the Dentists

The Profile of the Dentists is very Important.His past record his success rate.Testimonials

3)Connect with the Dentist in the Advance

Send your Dental Reports etc to the Dentist so that the Dentist can send you the treatment plan in advance.

4)Post Appointment Care

Does your Dentists provide the care needed after the treatment is done .Is he providing online consultation and keep track of your treatments.


Author-Author is Medical and Dental Tourism Consultant and Speaker based in India

How to Start a Medical Tourism Company


Medical Tourism is a big business. It’s $50 billion globally. Medical Tourism Facilitators are helping patients to find the right hospitals. Every year thousands of medical tourism companies are starting and very few succeed. There are certain ingredients for Successful Medical Tourism Companies. To run a  Successful Medical Tourism Company you need to have both online and offline marketing skills. Check out some of those


A Perfect Medical Tourism Website, aggregator websites are trends nowadays


Fully SEO optimized website helps in getting great online inquiries to the website

Social Media.

Good Social Media activity helps in creating Brand.


Participation in National/International Conferences

There are many conferences happening around the globe that one can attend to develop the networking.

Many Medical Tourism Companies are regular in such Events.




Top Clinics for Dental Tourists in the World

Bangkok International Dental Center and
Sea Smile Dental Clinic
Bali 911 Dental Clinic,
ARC Dental Clinic and
Bali International Dental Center.
Nart Dental Clinic
DentGroup and DentaGlobal Clinic
Imperial Dental Specialist Center and DentalPro Dental Specialist Centre
Winning Smile Dental Clinic and Bonifacio Dental Center
FABDENT and Albusdent Clinic
Costa Rica
Prisma Dental and Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica
Everegreen Dental and MDental Clinic

Top 5 Dental Tourism Destinations in the world


Hungary is the dental tourism capital of the world.It receives lakhs of tourists every year from all over Europe

The doctors are well trained and also the price is cheaper than other developed economies


It’s near to the USA which makes its the most preferred destination for Americans for dental treatment.The price is almost  50 percent less than the USA.


Almost 20 percent of Medical Tourism cases that comes to India are for Dental Patients.

The price is 70 percent cheaper to the USA.


Poland is another European city after Hungary to have the extraordinary Dental Tourism Services


Thailand is a well-known name for wellness tourism and which makes it famous for dental tourism too due to cost factor and it gets patients from all over the globe.