Hydrotherapy and its benefits

Wellness Tourists look for this type of treatment and there is huge demand in different spas and resorts.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to provide therapeutic effects.

Hydrotherapy can be very useful in treating many different types of soft tissue and bone injury

The benefits of hydrotherapy include

Pain relief

Reduction in muscle spasm

Increased joint range of motion

Strengthening of weal muscles

Increased circulation

Improvement of balance and co-ordination



Wellness Tourism Growth

Wellness Tourism will grow 50 percent more than the normal tourism market

Almost 20 percent of tourism trips are of wellness tourism

Spas and Resorts are very important part of Wellness Tourism

Internationally, 45 percent of hotel guests indicated that the existence of a hotel spa was an important factor in their booking decision

As of now US is the largest wellness tourism market with  $225 billion expenditures

Europe is the second largest wellness tourism market with  $180billion expenditures

Domestic wellness tourism forms the major portion of the total wellness trips which is equal to 84 percent of total tourism trips.

Yoga is a $100 billion Industry

Yoga is a $100billion Industry.

USA holds the Maximum share with $20billion

Yoga is a very important part of wellness tourism

Everyyear lakhs of tourists travel for Wellness treatment

With the increase in Yoga Industry there is a increase in Spa Industry

Largest number of Spas are in Europe then Asia followed by North America

Almost 15 crore people travel every year for Wellness Treatments.


How to promote your SPA

1)Post pics of your spa on the Social Media Pages

2)List your business on the different directory website

3)Ask your customer to review the service on the google.

4)Promote the youtube channel

5)Have a referral program.Aks your current customer to refer the customer so that they can get discount on the services.

6)Participate in International Level Wellness Tourism Conferences.

Wellness Tourism is $700billion Industry

Wellness Tourism is $700Billion Industry which includes spas,resorts etc

Europe is the continent with the largest number of spas in the world followed by Asia and third in North America.

Wellness Tourism is 10 times the size of the Medical Tourism

Focus should be more on prevention rather than curative care

Largest number of domestic and inbound wellness tourism is in Europe followed by North America and then Asia Continent.

There is a %15 y-o-y growth





Top 5 Plastic Surgeries in World

Top 10 list of plastic surgeries by American society of plastic surgeons


Weight reduction surgery.Its helps in shaping and slimming of the body

2)Eyelid Surgery

Its an effective way to correct eye bags which make ur eye appears tired

3)Breast Augmentation

Many people from Film Industry and Models do it

Also it’s a reconstructive surgery

4)Nose Jobs(Rhinoplasty)

Its both cosmetic and corrective surgery


Its anti-aging treatment and can help person to appear young